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30 October 2015

Dear Parents/Carers,

On Saturday 5th December the Scout group are bag packing at Morrisons ECCLESFIELD. After the success of our last bag pack at Hillsborough, we have been lucky enough to be offered this one. Despite this being a very busy time of year for everyone, we hope, with the run up to Christmas, it will be as beneficial as the last bag pack. Therefore we would appreciate as many young members of the group attending on the day as possible.

As a group we have decided that 25% of the total amount collected on the day can be used to pay for future camps or events your child takes part in, i.e. each child will earn so much per hour depending on how many hours they bag pack for. Meaning there will be a reduced cost at the time of payment. Upcoming camps for the Beavers will include Group camp, St. Georges Day and the Beaver District trip. Camps for the Cubs will include Group camp and St. Georges Day. Camps for Scouts will include Freezer camp, St. Georges Day and Group camp.

We have booked the session from 9am-5pm and you may choose at which time you would like to attend and for how many hour blocks. Please be aware though, at certain times there will be a limited number of tills open, so booking slots will be on a first come, first serve basis. As soon as you let us know we can add it to the chart at the Scout Hut, which is up in the main entrance. Could all Beavers, Cubs and Scouts please wear uniform. As all children under 8 years old have to be accompanied by an adult we suggest the maximum time for Beavers to bag pack is two hours. Neckerchiefs will be provided for all adults attending with their child for recognition.

Please ask if you have any questions and we appreciate all the help you are giving us with this event. Please return this slip next week. Thank you.

Any queries please ring Joanna Steel 2460218 or speak to your leader.

A copy of this letter with the reply slip included is located here.