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25th Sheffield (Ecclesfield) is growing quickly, it is thriving with a current membership of around 120 young people aged from 6 to 14.

We have a dedicated number of adults who lead through example and deliver the Scout Association’s badge scheme with the assistance of the young people, to make sure we all enjoy our Scouting together.

Our Badges

Badges are given to all Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Leaders when they are invested into the group. Details of where the badges are located can be seen in the links included in the Our Groups pages.

This is the Membership Award badge:

Membership Award

It is worn on the left hand side of the chest. It is earned when the Beaver, Cub, Scout or Leader knows about the group, understands what joining the group means, and makes the Beaver, Cub or Scout promise.

This is our group name tape:

Name Tape

It is worn on the top of the right arm. Underneath the name tape are the county (located on the right hand side) and district badges as shown below:

District Badge

County Badge

We are in the county of South Yorkshire and the Sheffield Don district.

This is the our group badge:

Group Badge

It is worn on the on the back of the scarf (also known as neckerchief or necker)… and this is our scarf:


It is of the single colour (Emerald) with single border/trim (Yellow) type.

Our History

The 25th Sheffield (Ecclesfield) Scout Group is over 100 years old! We celebrated our centenary in 2012 with a number of special events throughout the year.

We have grown, from an original Scout Troop in 1912, to having 2 different Groups at all of the modern Scouting Sections; Beavers, Cubs and Scouts. Because of this, we are able to accommodate as many local young people as possible to keep Scouting strong in the Ecclesfield area.

Starting as ‘The 1st Wentworth Scouts’, the Group has gone through many changes over its history, with the first recorded meeting taking place on October 12th 1917 in the club room of old tan yard (opposite the Ball Inn), High Street, provided by the old Wortley District Council. In 1920 this room was lost and replaced by a site at the quarry, Town End Road, the replacement hut costing £70 from ‘Clipstone Camp’.

The new hut was opened in 1921 by Countess Fitzwilliam but by 1937 had been sold, with the Scouts now meeting in the chapel on the same road. On March 29th 1945 the group was meeting as just a Cub Section on Thursdays at the ‘Modern School’, moving to ‘the reading rooms’ in October 1952. By 1953 the HQ moved to an air raid shelter (ex Labour office) on St Mary’s Lane and a new Scout Hut was built on the site in 1956, officially opened on February 24th 1957 by Major E.D.Turner.

Unfortunately in 1968, the hut was burnt down by vandals (on their 2nd attempt!) after just 11 years.

The Scout Group then met in the Gatty Hall and by 1979 had moved to the local Junior School, an article in the local paper entitled, ‘Babes in the wood’, highlighted the need for a permanent home and the local councils reluctance to allow the group to build one.

Finally, by 1981, a lease was acquired for a building on our current site between Yew Lane and Greaves Road. This isn’t the end of the story though… another arson attack caused damage to this original building which meant more work for out dedicated scouters to re-construct again to the building you see today.

Over the last 5 or 6 years we have slowly grown to our current level, the building is bursting at the seams and so we are actively looking to improve it in order to maintain that growth and also keep the Scouting adventure in Ecclesfield strong.

If you would like to know where we are located, please look at the map on the Contact Us page.